History Of Kokborok

Tripura Map
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Kokborok is classified to the Sino-Tibetan. The name comes from kok meaning “verbal” and borok meaning “human”.  The “Kokborok” is the official language of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council and considered states 2nd official language. There are 917,900 roughly Kokborok speakers according to the 2011 census. This language is closely related to the Bodo, Dimasa, and Kachari languages of the neighboring state of Assam. It is the native language of the Twiprasa people from Tripura in NorthEastern State. The Royal family and various Kokborok eminent writers, artists, and linguistic researchers have contributed majorly to the upliftment of this language. Presently, Kokborok songs created by many known artists are loved and heard by millions of people from India & abroad. Many organization have raised voice for including Kokborok on 8th schedule languages and is likely to be included soon.