Literary Types in KokBorok Vol-II

Common literary meaning in Kokborok Language: Vol:II Find out about various abstract or literary names utilized oftentimes in Kokborok Language and writing. Artistic is concerning the composition, study, of different writing, generally of the sort esteemed for nature of structure. Also,The abstract words importance are made an interpretation of from Kokborok to english, Kokborok to ……


Bang/Uahrap/Balso/Bal/Chokla/Susa                                             [Noun] \{Baang}’\   Overgrowth [English] Translate अतिवृद्धि/ativrddhi[Hindi] অতিবৃদ্ধি/Atibr̥d’dhi[Bengali] 過成長/Ka seichō[Japanese] Crecimiento excesivo[Spanish] 자란/jalan[Korean] Definition noun excessive growth. “intestinal bacterial overgrowth”